Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Fathers Day June 2009

Scott getting some special things from the kids

This year was special since we got to spend it in Virginia with our Fathers! Chris held a wonderful BBQ at his house in Alexandria with all the families there. We had a beautiful day to enjoy each others company. Played games, visited and goofed off!

Chloe & Me

Uncle Ryan gave Chloe new Wings to fly away

Great Grandma Gallant & My Mom

Grampy & Chloe

Outside Dave Carol Emma Scott & Isaac

Playing on the scooters

Daddy & Isaac playing an intense game of Poker

The Men (blurry)

Chloe & Lucy in the van on the way back...tired Lucy

Bella on Daddy's lap fast asleep in the van on the way back

My camera is still acting funny so now that we are back home in Florida I hope to get it fixed so I can take some more good pictures. I'd love copies from anyone else if they got some. I know Chris and Marilyn got a couple great pictures!

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