Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We got to spend our Father's Day with some wonderful father's and family! We all went to Chris's house to have a cookout.

1st thing in the morning giving Daddy his homemade cards and new shirt

Great Grandma Gallant with Granny

Grampy & Chloe

Interesting game of Twister with Scott, Isaac, Matthew and Ryan

Chloe's new Wings from Uncle Ryan

Chloe & Me

Fun on the Scooters

Nice day to spend outside on the deck...some played poker and some just soaked up the sun...

Dave, Aunt Carol and Emma
Scott, Chris and Isaac

Blurry Picture of Scott, Larry and Chris (my camera!!!!)

Doggies in the car on the way back to Grampy&Granny's

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