Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Smyrna Dunes Park

Visitors to Smyrna Dunes Park may arrive by land or by sea. Perched on 250 acres of pristine land at the northern tip of the New Smyrna Beach peninsula, the area is surrounded by water on three sides. Waters from the Indian River flow through Ponce Inlet and into the Atlantic Ocean providing a variety of fishing or swimming venues for park goers. The park also provides a unique opportunity for naturalists, ecologists, students and the general public to see a wide variety of animals, birds, reptiles, marine life and vegetation in their natural habitat. Consisting of five ecosystems, the predominant habitat is sand dunes. To protect the natural habitat, more than two miles of elevated boardwalks, picnic areas, pavilions and an observation tower have been erected on the 255 acres. The park consists of five ecosystems (ocean, river, dunes, scrub zone, saltwater marsh). The principal system is vast sand dunes. To protect the sensitive sand dunes from foot traffic, two miles of elevated walkways, picnic areas, pavilions and an observation tower were built, allowing visitors to travel through the park in a natural environment.

We wanted to find a beach where the dogs were welcome (by law) and we found this place about an hour drive. It was a dog beach for sure...everyone there had at least one dog with them. The water was very shallow, not really clean, small waves, but we had a great time anyway!!!

Lunch First

Chloe & Bella


Checkin' the other Dogs at the beach out...

Daddy & Lucy

Mommy & Gang

On our way to the car we ran into this little guy...

Time for Home...

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