Sunday, April 19, 2009



Spring Break started off with Isaac's lacrosse game. We had some beautiful weather and a great relaxing weekend. Scott had to travel to Norfolk, VA for part of the week. No spring break for him yet...

The kids and I went to Disney's Animal Kingdom on Tuesday which happened to be the coldest day of the week! You may think I'm crazy for complaining about Florida weather, but I had on jeans, a long sleeve shirt and not 1, but 2 sweatshirts all day! It was chilly! Despite the huge crowd at the park we got to ride our favorite roller coaster 3 times, took the safari, saw a couple shows and played on the dinosaur playground for over an hour! We had a great time there. I didn't take my camera for the 1st time.

Wednesday the kids and I went to the movies and played with friends.

Thursday was the start of our vacation...
Scott had returned home so we dropped the girls (dogs) off at their plantation for the next few days and headed to the Tampa area.

We drove to Clearwater. The beach itself was crowded so we just took in the water and sites off the bridge areas. It was beautiful! We hope to go back there soon and try the beach out. We hear it's a lot of fun and very nice there.

We then went back into the Tampa area to go see the Washington Capitals play the Tampa Bay Lightning...with a surprise for the kids....

The kids had no idea they would be seeing the Martin's! Their Pops lives in the Tampa area and they came to visit for Spring Break. Lets just say this was the BEST SURPRISE EVER!

And the Girls...

That Says It ALL!

The Men
Scott Pops & Brad

The Women..
Sue & Me

The Gallant's and the Martin's



We stayed the night at Pops and all the kids slept together in one big room...happy in dream land. When they woke there were happy it was not only a dream! The guys went to golf and after we stuffed ourselves with a great breakfast thanks to Sue we all went to the pool.

Yea..we had fun there too!

The kids had fun making a fort and playing for a while, but it was time to say good~bye until this summer...

We left Largo (the Tampa Area) and headed to Sunrise FL about 4 hours away.
Cool bridge...

We settled into our hotel and woke up ready for another fun filled day. We had a Capitals vs. Panthers game that evening, but a entire day to fill before hand. We drove 20 minutes to Ft. Lauderdale and spent the day at the beach. We can say we partied in Ft. Lauderdale on Spring Break...ha!

Capitals Last Hockey Game of the Regular Season with a loss...still a fun night!

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