Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lacrosse Games 2 & 3 & 4 & 5

I forgot to post some of Isaac's LAX games so I'm trying to catch up.
Game 2 we WON!
Here are a few pictures of #2 Isaac in White playing...

On games 3 & 4...
We had a surprise double header when the lacrosse schedule changed the morning of they game. The boys didn't know they had to play another until they lost the first one. With that said they were thrilled to get back out there on the field and have FUN!

We may not have won either game, but they enjoyed themselves and played hard.

Isaac's #2 in WHITE for the 1st game

2nd Game switched the jersey's to RED Isaac (white helmet) and Scott on the side lines...

Chloe had fun in the tree near the field. Great tree to take some good pictures, but for some reason the bees thought it would be fun to play there too so it didnt' last long enough to get some great pictures...

Game 5

Grampy and Granny were here to show their support. Was a good game, but we didnt' come out on top. About half the games we loose we only loose by 1 point or 2 so we're not doing too bad. The boys play a wide range of size and talent so it's been fun!

Game 6 & 7 were played this weekend April 4th, but I don't have photos. I took a video I will try to attach later. No wins this weekend either...bummer!

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