Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Easter

We drove home from Sunrise, FL on Easter afternoon. When we got home the kids had baskets waiting for them on the coffee table. Thanks to Grandma Lamb and Granny for helping me fill them!

Also Granny had bought them insect designed plastic Easter eggs filled with candy that just happened to be hidden around the living room.

I also saved any cards that came in the mail so they could open all those on Easter Day too. Thanks to you all who sent them...the kids were so happy.

The kids were very excited about celebrating Easter and getting their baskets, but the traditions were truly missed. They wanted to go to Great Grandmas house to hunt for eggs. They missed the egg hunt at Grandma Lambs too. Also the coloring of eggs with Granny, but Granny assured them she'd have them color eggs this summer when we visit.

At least we did read the true story of Easter so somethings stayed the same!

Hope your Easters were Blessed!

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