Sunday, April 05, 2009

Grampy and Granny's 1st Visit to Epcot

I just realized the only pictures I took when they visited were from Epcot! I'm slacking on my picture taking!

We had such a great time there though. Granny passed the ride up on Test Track, but the rest of us took a spin.
We didn't ride Mission to Mars, but we did go inside the building for a while and played a bunch of games!

Inside the Innovations building we played the fire safety games and some video games too. The kids and Granny made Velcro frogs.

Outside there were many plants made out of characters...lovely!

More pictures...

The weather was great! It was cooler in the early hours of the day, but after 4pm it got pretty warm. We had 2 ice cream breaks!

We loved the NEMO area of the park. We hadn't done that spot before so we enjoyed spending time with the fishes and SHARKS!

Chloe has become the little photographer. She loves to use my camera and take pictures. Here are all the pictures she took at Epcot...

Yes, Chloe took all those!

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