Sunday, February 01, 2009

Still Here!

I know it's been a month and here I am just blogging! Sorry to those of you who long to view my photos and get an idea on how we are doing.

We are all well. Despite the freezing temps...ha! I know it's silly to say that, but we have had some cold weather and freezing temps here. We've lost some plants or at least their leaves. We've had to turn the heat on and we almost fired up the gas fireplace.

Quick replay on what has gone on the past few weeks...

Scott has gone to VA for work and New Jersey. He's had to suffer some snow, ice and cold weather. His company is in the process of growing by one more! Work keeps him busy, but we've tried to have some fun too.

Isaac's progress report came back with all A's and we are very proud. He's started lacrosse again and is thrilled to be doing that! He's had only one practice so far and got the wind knocked out of him! He got back up and dusted himself off then proceeded to lay someone else down. He's the only 3rd grader on his team...they are all 4th, 5th and 6th.

Chloe's progress report was all S's ...that's great! She's not getting the A's and Be's and C's yet that comes in the 2nd grade.

Granny was here for a week during her birthday. We always enjoy her visits. Uncle Ivan came to visit to celebrate her birthday with us and stay the night in 'Hotel Gallant'. I enjoyed catching up with him. He comes down from Alaska to spend a few months in Port St. Lucy, FL with family. He brought a DVD of a fishing trip he took with his nephews and it was just amazing! Alaska is a beautiful place!

We did get some sad news...Uncle Bill Howell passed away this month and we'll really miss that wonderful man!

We have been keeping busy here. Always nice to have company and if your in the area please let us know!!! We hope to have new carpet upstairs in the month of February then the upstairs will be finished with all the fresh paint and little touches. I'm starting on the downstairs and hope by summer it's all done. We'll see...don't hold me to it!

Chloe and I went to Disney just for the day this Saturday while Scott and Isaac were at lacrosse. I didn't bring my camera, but had the Disney Photo people take some pictures of us. I also lost my glasses! I'm hoping that they turn up in the lost and found this week!

Chloe and Me by the castle

Mom, Chloe and Tinkerbell!

Goofy with Chloe

Snow White signing Chloe's Autograph Book

Stitch making faces

Pluto & Chloe

We have some fun plans ahead for February and look forward to some visitors too.

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