Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Eve

Our Christmas Eve in Virginia is spent at Grampy and Granny's house w/ them and Uncle Ryan. We've been celebrating for a few years on that day with them. This year was very different.

The kids and I made cookies for us and SANTA.
Thank you Ms. Denise for the KISSES we added them to our cookies!

Scott worked on his homemade beer ...the kids helped.

We have been hiding a Christmas gift in the office for a few weeks. The kids were told not to go in there and they listen because they like to be surprised. We let them open a couple gifts on Christmas Eve that went with the BIG gift in the office...a new computer. It's something we all must share, but we don't mind. We 4 have been sharing a laptop so this is a nice change.

New Computer Games!

Chloe did a little sampling for Santa then got his goodies ready for his visit that night.

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