Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh The Life Of a Puppy

Bella and Lucy are 5 months old (as of November 10th). They are doing very well and learning to be good little girls. However they don't always wait to go potty outside...over night can be a long wait and sometimes they can't hold it. They don't cry or whine at night so that's great news, but sometimes they leave us presents in their kennels.

Their sleeping quarters consists of one large kennel separated into two kennels. You can see who was naught at night.

Bella has exceeded our expectations...let me explain. I stopped putting the old rags in to sleep on, because when they'd pee on them and it would stink to high heaven. Over night we throw a sheet over the kennel and Bella found out she can tug at it to pull through the metal kennel and not only sleep on it, but use it as a potty.

Bella is a hoot and half...last night she managed to poop outside the kennel while in it...I swear that dog! She must have had her fuzzy butt cheeks up against the bars and shot it out of her butt!!! Next she'll shoot it into Lucy's kennel and Lucy will be getting into trouble!!!

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