Monday, November 03, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Halloween by DAY in our neighborhood...

These are all from one house...Bob's...this took over 2 weeks to set up and was so awesome! I have some video below of the action at night. He had live people doing some of the stuff. The spooky man playing the organ. It was loud, crazy and AWESOME! The kids loved it. There was a huge crowd there all night.

Ben, Catie, Chloe and Isaac getting ready to trick or treat!

We set up camp in our neighbors driveway. Scott and John handed out candy while Pam and I walked with the kids. Also a picture of one of their dogs...Roxie! Ours were outside all night too, but cuddled up in their bed without costumes.

Halloween by NIGHT in our neighborhood...

Chloe & MaKayla

Isaac & James

Happy Halloween!

Pups are Pooped!

It was a warm Halloween night...

The videos are not great, but it gets the idea across.

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