Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Grampy & Granny Visit

Grampy and Granny came to visit us again. It's been 2 months since they were here last and a lot has changed...we grew by two! The puppies were very inviting. Bella ran right up into Granny's arms and spent a lot of time with her over the week. Lucy is a ladies man and was happy with Grampy.

Lucy warmed up to Granny

Granny had lunch with Isaac at school. Taco day is Isaac's favorite!

Grampy had lunch with Chloe and got a tour of her class room!

Chloe got a few birthday gifts (late) since Grampy and Granny were not here. She loves her new outfit!

The pups got a few gifts too...they liked their outfits too! Once they got outside they pranced around for the neighbors to see them.

Granny and Chloe enjoying the Florida Sunshine!

Chloe's been doing a great job reading! She's been working really hard all summer and has finally got the hang of it! We are so proud of her!

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