Friday, October 03, 2008


Sea World Trip Tuesday September 30th

The kids got off of school for the day so I took them to Sea World. Scott stayed home to work and also take care of the puppies.

The day was perfect with overcast in the air and not too hot we had a perfect weather day for Sea World. Also there were no crowds!

Near the sharks and fish area we actually got to really see it all. Taking our time at each window to watch the fish.

Rides with no lines...what a concept!

Extreme Maze the kids love!

Mini Tea Cup Ride all 3 of us were in it ...weee

Shamu roller coaster

Island Music ...Man!

Trip to the Arctic

Isaac's usually not the one finding fun places to take pictures, but today he was very excited to find different statues to take pictures with. They had a good time posing for mom.

This trip we decided on feeding the seals. The birds hang out there and get lucky a LOT with the feedings. Chloe had one taken by a bird and she was about ready to strangle the bird!

Manatee hedge and statues ...oh and the real thing at lunch time!

Last we visited the Dolphins. We saw two shows that day as well. The 1st show we watched was the sea lion, otter and walrus show. The 2nd was the Pets was a bit different from the last show we went too...better!

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