Monday, October 27, 2008

Officially Chloe turns 7!
October 20th

Chloe got to celebrate her birthday at school. Mr. Walker 'runs' the cafeteria here and is always helping the children celebrate by singing "Happy Birthday" and he has a pocket full of fun pencils they get to chose one. Chloe was a bit shy during the singing. I was happy to have been able to sit and have lunch with my birthday girl!

Miss Denise never forgets her friends...
Chloe opened her present to find a drinking and burping Chihuahua inside. It was a huge HIT! They also got lots of Halloween goodies! Isaac got this awesome slippery tube with eyeballs inside it and a spider shirt for Halloween! I got some great pumpkin and scarecrow earrings! She didn't even forget Bella and Lucy. Thank you Denise!

Later that evening Chloe opened her other gifts. Grandma and Granddad sent her some spending money and a lovely ring. We got her some new pj's, coloring stuff, dvds, books and a calender. The rest of her gift was to be delivered on Sunday the 26th we were going to have dinner at Disney!

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