Monday, October 13, 2008

Epcot (Liz and Kids Only)

The kids had off school last Thursday so I took them to Epcot. It was their choice where to go. They wanted to ride 'Test Track' ride. I carried my camera most of the day in my backpack then I finally took it out and took a few pictures. Isaac took a while to warm up to the camera...

The headless boy...

Chip & Dale were so funny...Chloe was so excited she got a kiss from Chip!

Time for a sweet treat! I tasted both and they were yummy! Maybe next time I'll get my own.

The kids loved the Epcot ball...inside we did the ride then played two games.

Time to go, but before we do that lets have some fun and be silly. They were having a lot of fun too! The song playing in the background was from Alice in Wonderland "A Very Very Un-Birthday To YOU"....

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