Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Are we really in FLORIDA?

Here in Central Florida we've had unseasonable cold weather. Yesterday it was 48 degrees when I took the kids to school. Isaac wore shorts (with a sweatshirt) and he was the only one in his class with shorts on. Now if we had been in Virginia he wouldn't have worn shorts in this why was he doing it here? I don't have a good answer. Today we thought it would be a bit warmer, but to our surprise it was 42 degrees on our way to school!

Now think about weighing in at 2 or 3 lbs... Lucy and Bella were shivering! I had found these sweaters at the 'dollar store' and got them for the girls. They don't care for them much, but that's too bad.

"Please Momma don't make us go back outside!"

Normal temps are coming soon! By Halloween we'll be back in the upper 70's for the day and upper 60's for the evening. By next Wednesday we are looking at 80's again!

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