Tuesday, September 02, 2008


We have never been here before so our adventure began at the 'Big Golf Ball'. Chloe was hoping to find a extra large golf club so she could hit the ball.
We went inside for the 'Spaceship Earth' ride and games.


Inside here we went through a fun ride and learning center called 'Journey Into Imagination With Figment'. The ride was a learning about your 5 scenes. The smelling scenes was skunk...not cool!


The kids trying to move Mars...I think they budged it a little bit, but they didn't believe me!

This was a fun and exciting adventure. We were chosen by one of the Space Mission workers to be the Family of the Hour! We got a certificate as well to put into our scrapbook! We were brought into a room to play with all the buttons. After we played in there a while we went to the front of the line. There are two versions of this ride...the Green Level and the Orange Level. Chloe and I did the easier level. Later that day the boys rode it again and then I got to ride the more adventures version...I think I'll stick with the easy one.

In Epcot there is a whole section of the park that is called the 'World Showcase' it has different countries. Chloe and I went to Mexico. There was a musical boat tour with video of the Donald Duck, Panchito and Jose Carioca. Not too exciting. When we come back to Epcot we'll do all the countries together.

This was our very favorite ride! We rode it twice. Chloe begged to go again and again, but this ride is popular. We had to get a fast pass both times to ride it.

We enjoyed the ice cream shop and had lunch there as well. Despite Gustav we had rain on Saturday, but on Sunday at Epcot we just had some nice cool winds. Our Labor Day weekend turned out very nice. On Monday we were went shopping for office furniture and then got invited to a neighbors house for a cookout.
I meet the lady of the house walking her 6 month old puppy. The Gossett family has a son James who is in Isaac's grade and daughter in Chloe's grade. The kids had a fun time playing video games and swimming in the pool AND playing with all the puppies! There other neighbor went to Herndon High School in VA! It's a small world after all!

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