Sunday, September 14, 2008

1st Trip to Animal Kingdom at Disney

We took our first trip to the Animal Kingdom. We were told by many people to go straight to the Safari. We listen to the majority and really enjoyed the Safari Jeep ride. The grounds were amazing with a lot of African wildlife. Here are just a few photos of what we saw...



Giraffe...there was a baby as well, but the jeep was a very bumpy and I couldn't get good pictures


As soon as we headed off onto the bumpy Jeep ride Scott got one of his famous nose bleeds...

The walking part of our tour took us through a bird area.

Hippo in water

We went to "Rafiki's Planet Watch" learning how to help the Rain Forest and have some fun with animals.

Chloe Got to meet Pocahontas! She asked me when we walked up to her "Is she REAL?"

Rafiki and the Kids

Monkeying Around

Love petting snakes!

Just Plain and Simple Sillyness

Full belly's at the Pizzafari we found a fun statue.

We then went to see the 3D show about BUGZ. The walk through had some amazing carvings on the walls.

Isaac and I went on a river raft type ride ...the wait said 20 minutes, but we stood in line for 1 hour and 30 minutes! I kept thinking once we get around the next corner there will be the ride. It wasn't worth it either. Lesson learned!
While we did that...Scott and Chloe did some other things. They got to see more animals too.

We Love Pluto!

Parade Time and that closed up our time at Animal Kingdom.

Until Next Time...

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