Friday, August 15, 2008

What's New

After Chloe had her physical done for school and was told she must go to an ENT for her ears (hearing issues) and an Opthamologist for her eye issue we were on the go! Her ears are doing better. She's on antibiotics for the fluid and we go back in September to have them checked again. Hopefully they will be all dried up and no other problems will appear. As for her eye doctor she didn't have great news. Chloe was a bit off her Mother!

The news she had to get glasses wasn't the best news she had heard, but at least with those ear drops in she could hear! Ha Ha Ha Anyway...I told her wearing glasses was kind of fun. You can pick out your favorite pair!

We have this book at home called "Chuckie Goes to the Eye Doctor" it's a RUGRATS book and she loves that story. So she knew what to expect when we went and wasn't scared. In the story Chuckie and his friend Tommy try on LOTS of funny glasses so Chloe decided she'd do the same. We can make our own book with these pictures and call it "Chloe Goes to the Eye Doctor"!

Chloe had her visit on Thursday the 7th, but her eyes were dilated so we came back on Friday to pick out the right pair for her. I knew Chloe was going to have to be in charge of this decision so I let her pick out the pair she liked best. We got to pick them up on the following Wednesday. She put them on to look in the mirror and said "Oh...cute!" then took them off and said "It's blurry!". You don't realize what life looks like until you can actually see it!

You want to see the winning pair of glasses....

Chloe can be a little obsessive about stuff ( her MOMMY) she's been having fun cleaning her glasses and even has her own case and pair of clip on sunglasses for them. She's so COOL! Yes, the glasses are a pretty teal blue color with green on the inside of them...the sides go 360 so it's pretty hard to break them...lets hope they stay in one piece!

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