Friday, August 15, 2008

Isaac's 9th Birthday
August 14th, 2008

Daddy said he'd wake up Isaac slamming pots and pans together on his birthday. Well daddy forgot his wake up call so guess who got woken up with pots and pans...

We let Isaac open a few gifts before daddy had to go to work it was around 7am so we all looked a bit tired!

Chloe got a few gifts from Granny too...

The kids and I went to Scott's coworkers house for a pool & pizza party. His coworker 'Chris' has his son visiting from up North so we thought it might be fun to get the kids together for some fun. They had a great time in the pool. Chris's house is very nice and he lives on a golf coarse...reminded me of our home in Virginia. Another coworkers family was there as well with their 4 kids. Scott came for a quick break, but then had to head back to work.

After we returned home and Grampy was picked up from the airport we got to celebrate some more.
Isaac's favorite Lunch Lady Ms. Denise has been Isaac's pen pal. They have sent cards back and forth and she couldn't forget to send her favorite little guy a birthday gift. Chloe and I were very blessed too, because we also got a gift!
Awesome Volcano Lamp he and Ben watched as they fell asleep that's very cool I want one too!

I got some homemade angel earrings...I LOVE THEM!

Chloe got some beautiful homemade jewlery with a matching charm on her new shirt that said... "Cute Chick with Nice Hair" with a baby chick and bunny! Love it!

Talking with Ms. Denise on the phone

Isaac's Sleep over with Ben...
Ben's gift to Isaac was this water surf thingy. Ben has one they use at his pool so Isaac new right away what it was wrapped up! He was so excited...we all were and got to try it out!


It was time to go swimming and try out the new surfing boards and play in the pool!

Now you will notice I look a little like I have clothes on...your right! I wasn't going to join in the pool, because it had been overcast for a couple days and rained so the water wasn't too warm. Well...the everyone else thought I should join in. Isaac tried his hardest to push me in more than a few times. I was getting worn out. Then Clark gave it a try... at this point I was laughing so hard my defenses were down and Chloe & Ben went in for the kill...I went in clothes and all!

We ended the night with double chocolate brownies and ice cream. Isaac finished up his gift opening. He was excited to get money from GG John&Tudy and also from Grandma and Granddad. He got lots of movies, clothes and a nice new Bible from Granny and Grampy...not to mention having them HERE. It was a great celebration!

We got to watch one of his new movies "Spiderwick" and stay up late.

Happy Birthday My Baby Boy! What a wonderful blessing he is!

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