Sunday, August 03, 2008

Cocoa Beach

Our first trip to Cocoa Beach! We went early in the morning which we have decided is the right thing to do. We have also decided we need a bit more 'beach gear'. Big floppy hats ... they may look silly, but keeping that sun away from your eyes and off your neck will be nice next time. Also beach umbrellas I think are a must ... some shade is needed at some point in the day!

We stopped at one area of the beach that was quiet. Not many people around at all and looking up and down the coast we saw more people so we were happy with our spot. Many baby sting ray caught our attention while we were in the water. Something new we hadn't encountered at the beach before. We've seem them out snorkeling and at different parks.

Chloe did some shell collecting and found some very pretty shells until we saw all these little parasites on them. Now we tried to tell her they will die off if you leave them out in the sun, but she was DONE no more shell collecting and she dumped the cups she had full. Another little girl on the beach swooped in and picked them all up.

The kids loved playing in the sand. I remember the days when your swimsuit had more sand in it than a litter box!
Chloe made a small, but modest Curious George tower. Both kids dug huge holes, but no one was asked to be buried.

Chloe & Me

The kids love the surf. Another must have is to get them little boogie boards.

Later in the day we started to cover up a bit, because it got warmer. We played with the shells and clams.

We drove down to some shops. We ate at the "Shark Pit" and had pizza. The kids even watched the pizza's being made. We took a walk and then it was time for ice cream! Isaac had 'gummy bear land or something like that' and Chloe stuck with her stand by 'vanilla'.

After we sugar-ed up it was time to go back to the beach. This time we went to more populated area. We only took a towel and our suits to the beach this time. The kids had a great time with daddy in the surf and I walked along the shore among the footballs, frisbees, and playing kids. I stopped while watching the kids and chatted with a woman named Cindy from Central New York. She was telling me her son who looked to be about 11 years old it was his first time at the beach. He was truly enjoying himself, which was fun to watch. I talked to Cindy for maybe 10 minutes about Sea World, us moving to Florida recently and her family and vacation. She mentioned Busch Gardens a few times and then said she worked for Anheuser-Busch who owns that and Sea World. Before I knew it she offered to give me 4 free tickets to Busch Gardens! She had 12 tickets for the week and they were only using 8 of them. She was such a nice lady so as we left the beach for the day she walked with us and we stopped at her car and game me the tickets. Thank you Cindy! We hope to now visit Busch Gardens before the end of the year.

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