Monday, August 18, 2008

1st Day of School

Nothing like the 1st day of school. We woke at 7am and got started with getting dressed and breakfast. The phone rang and I though "It must be Ms. Sue calling" for those of you who don't understand.... Ms. Sue is our neighbor (awesome friend) in Virginia and we'd call each morning to see if the kids were ready...if we were driving up to the bus stop or walking etc... I was half right it was a neighbor it was Ben. He was making sure we'd meet him outside at 7:50am to ride to school.

We are about 1 mile from school and since there is no bus we decided we'd become 'bikers'. I suppose on the bad weather days I'll just drop them off, but this is a lot of fun riding to school before 8am! Scott, myself and Ben's Dad John rode with the kids to the crossing guards. Since Scott heads to work just after 6am it looks as if me and John will be getting our exercise, but it's fun to watch those kids ride. They loved it!

The day was a success. Both kids came home with a little homework and a lot of papers for mommy to fill out. They are out of school tomorrow due to the weather. We are expecting FAY!
Isaac said he's already made friends with everyone in his class. Chloe said she is taking her time.

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