Sunday, July 20, 2008

Turtle Trouble

Friday evening we were eating dinner and saw 4 different families riding by on their bikes. So we thought right after dinner we'd go for a ride too. We can't go anywhere without having an adventure...

I was the caboose on the ride when I saw a turtle in the road. I yelled "Wait Come Back!". Our little turtle was in the road 'Turtle Trouble' we had to save it. Scott picked it up and Isaac held it for a second. Then Chloe was skeptical, but she finally agreed then the turtle tried to jump off her hand and scared her to death! We put the little turtle in the grass near the marshlands. Then we went back to the bike ride...we stopped at the boat docking area and Chloe was insistent that we get the turtle and set it free in the water.

Well we went back and searched...Scott found a huge centipede...not cool. Gave me the willies! Chloe found the baby turtle (she named it Shiny). Then we decided we'd take it home and get a picture then set it free near our house.

The first flying turtle we've ever seen...
Scott held it out in the air while he road his bike...weeeeee!!!!

Shiny was so cute when we finally set him free. He swam right off with the minnows and into the lake.

Chloe was very happy to see Shiny swim away ... "We saved his life Mama!"

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