Monday, July 14, 2008


Our 1st trip to Sea World was so much fun! Sheri, Jerret and Evan had plans to go to Sea World for a few days so we all went together their first day.
Now please excuse me for only taking 200 photo's because my battery died the last 3 hours of our time there...not kidding.

Taking a look at the dolphins

We went into the Arctic to see the Beluga Whales, Polar Bear snacking and the Walrus.

It was chilly in there, but nice to get out of the sun for a bit.

The Believe show is the Shamu show. Scott and the kids sat in the splash zone, but I passed so I could get some pictures. We were amazed at how many killer whales they had. They said 20 have been born at Sea World! Not sure I'd want to swim with the killer whales...they were amazing!

Time to cool off

And have a snack

Sheri was so sweet to take the kids on the spinning ride. Scott and I have found that we just can't do those round and round and round rides anymore!!!

I went on this fun kiddie ride with the kids

Think this was fun?

Sheri and I joined Isaac and Chloe on the Shamu roller! The kids said one time was enough!

Time to feed some of the sharks and fish

Inside the kids had fun looking at all the amazing fish

We went to the Clyde and Seymore show. It was very very funny! We can't wait to see that one again!

It was time to say good-bye to the Graham's for the day...they went to their hotel, but we kept on going...

Seals...too cute and sweet to watch. They were showing off for fish and talking to people. They would even wave and clap for food that people were throwing in.

Next was the Manatee's ...they love their salad!

Florida Gators hanging with the turtles

These penguins were so fast, funny and cute!

We got to pet some sting rays

Pelicans and Huge Turtles!

That's about all I have for now. We saw an amazing dolphin and exotic bird show. We all got a little wet in the splash zone! There are some rides and shows we will do next time we go. It was a blast and look forward to trip #2!

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