Saturday, July 05, 2008

My Mom's Visit

My mom left this morning (July 5th). Is it bad that I put her to work here in the house? She was such a HUGE help cleaning up this place. There is no law that the house you sell has to be clean and this one was NOT at all. We spent a lot of time scrubbing...we also spent time relaxing.

Our morning coffee outside.

We were entertained by the weird birds we have living in our lake.

The yard

Isaac spent time with his friend Ben while Granny and Chloe played in the pool. Not sure they were having a very good time...what do you think??!!

The boys came back when it was lunch time!

Then it was time to build a small city of moving boxes in the garage!

That evening Daddy tried out the new (new to us) canoe with Chloe. The lake was clean and clear for the most part.

Isaac got to have his first sleep over at the new house with Ben. We had a fun night with Ben loosing a tooth!

The excitement never ends!

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