Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Moving In

Our moving truck we started to unload the trailer part. All 4 of us did it all and got stuff into the house. Our moving guys came 3 hours late, but at least they came and helped us get the HEAVY things into the house.

Isaac in his room...yes we took down the girly looking curtains already. All the windows have wonderful white wooden blinds so the curtains were not nessisary, but a nice decor.

Chloe in her room. She did get a bigger room than her brother, but she does have more things...plus this room has built in shelves that are great for all of Chloe's crafts and toys.

Upstairs rec-room

The kitchen area and me in the room connected with the kitchen plus the view of the pool and lake behind me.

The kids getting lotion on for the first dip in their pool!

They were just a little silly and excited all at the same time.

There goes ISAAC! Nothing like heading straight for the deep end ... ALL IN!

Chloe was a bit more slow, but very excited!

Start cleaning kids!


Daddy found a nice spot to rest after a lot of heavy lifting.

Our Friends

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