Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Kids say the darndest things...

Chloe asked me today
"Momma when you were a little girl was everything in Black and White?"

Explaining that there has always been color, but pictures and tv used to be in black and white. She said she thinks her pre-school teacher told her that, but she must have not heard the whole story about the pictures and tv!

Momma's do the darndest things...

Tonight my mom, Scott and myself sat down to have a bowl of ice cream. I added some of our yummy sugar free chocolate syrup on my ice cream. Got comfy on the couch to watch some HGTV and took a lick off the spoon. I thought YUCK... I must have grabbed a dirty spoon it tasted a bit like garlic. Then I realized that yummy sugar free chocolate syrup that I poured on it was actually balsamic vinegar!

What the Heck is that beeping!

We moved in and heard a faint beep. We figured it out that it was the fire alarm/detectors. The next day I bought all new 9Volt batteries for the 8 alarms. Scott replaced them all and came to find out that in Isaac's room the detector wasn't working at all and it needed a new one. We had to live with the beeping for another day. I bought 2 just in case there might be another out. After days and hours of working on this beep (every few minutes) OK OK it wasn't loud, but annoying none the less.
If you could only imagine the 4 of us plus my mom standing under the alarms listening to see which one it was. We'd say NO it's that one your under. We thought maybe there was one in the attic. The next step was Scott to check that out. Well no alarm up there. Then my mom thought the sound was in between the two upstairs. She was right and wrong at the same time...Scott yelled I've got it! It's the radon detector packed in one of those boxed stacked there! We found that infernal beeping finally!

Chloe yelled out to us to keep it down so she could get her 'Beauty Sleep'.

Good Night!

those are 3 great stories!!so funny!
I can tell by ready the last few days of Blogs that you are getting happier and more settled in.
Let me know how the weather is in October and the availability for a room. lol
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