Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jungle Adventures

While Jamie, Jen and Landon where here they took Chloe to this place called Jungle Adventures. The day they went it rained and they didn't get a chance to do everything while they were there and got us 4 free tickets to use later. We picked a perfect day to was very hot, but no rain!

Welcome To Jungle Adventures

There were quite a few animals to enjoy.

We did think it was odd to see some of these animals in cages. Our tour guide told us all about the animals and we learned a thing a two!

Many of the animals (all of the monkeys, raccoons, some alligators and crocidles, the wolves) they were all someones pet at one time or another. People decided the didn't want them after the cute baby faze was gone and so they ended up here (or other places like this). Once the animals are used to humans ... setting them free into the wild is a bad idea. If the panthers are born in captivity they can not be put into the wild.

There was a replica of a Spanish Fort there...we adults decided to be silly

We got to hold a baby alligator and can see who the braver people were

Scott played with the monkey. It was quite funny watching the two of them imitate each other.

There was a gator to watch. The guide said the gators there don't jump too high b/c they are lazy and well fed here. In the wild she said they can jump up 5 or 6 feet out of the water.

We took a pontoon boat ride as well. The guide told us there were 200 Gators in the water we were riding in. We saw quite a few and she also pointed out a Gator nest.

We purchased some different foods to feed the animals. They animals are very very well fed.

It was a fun 'Jungle Adventure'!

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