Tuesday, July 01, 2008

July 1st, 2008

We are doing GREAT! Enjoying everyday in the house and the pool. The kids find themselves in the pool more than once a day. We do get the thunder storms each day so at some point they hear that thunder and know it's time to get out and dry off.

We have settled in a bit. Slowly we are putting the house together. I'm sure it'll take a lot of time to get it all set up, but it's been fun working on it. Fun and tiring.

My mom came to stay for a week. She came on Sunday and will leave on Saturday. She's been working very hard, but having a good time too. She's been a God Sent helping me clean cabinets out and unpacking boxes.

Scott went back to work Monday. We went today to get our Florida drivers licences. Glad that is done. One more thing to check off the list of a zillion things. We only have one of our cars here right now. We had to have an extra trailer on the U-haul so we couldn't tow the Civic. Our friends Jamie Jen and their boy Landon will be driving down in the Civic on the 4th of July. We are excited to have company right away.

Isaac has make a friend. Feels like we have a 3rd child already. Our direct neighbor is Ben he is 11 days younger than Isaac and they were quick to befriend each other. They are usually here playing, but have spent sometime at Ben's too. Chloe went door to door to find a friend. Some were out, but we do know of two girls just a door down from us we are waiting to meet. There are a lot of children in the neighborhood. We hope to meet many more soon.

I'll take more pictures soon enough so you can see how the house is coming along. We miss you everyone, but look forward to visitors!

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