Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello All!

We had a great weekend and decided to go to Sea World again! We went to different shows and went on different rides this time. Chloe was very scared after getting off the "Journey through Atlantis" ride. It was fine till it went down this huge drop (if you don't know what it's like it's similar to a log ride in the water). Not only one drop, but there were two. Not having been on it before I didn't know what to expect to tell her either. She wasn't too happy with Mommy since I was the one sitting next to her screaming...ha!
We got to see the Budweiser Clydesdale's pulling the big truck with the Dalmatian dog on top riding through the park. It was quite a scene watching them dress up the horses in all that gold&black they also had braids, roses and bows in their manes and tails. Chloe thought they must all be girls.
We saw this show called "Pets Ahoy". We were all amazed! They had dogs, cats, birds, a rat, a pig and a skunk either doing tricks or chasing each other. It was very funny and quite entertaining!
We hope to go later one evening to Sea World and see some evening shows. They are very well put together.

Scott had to head out of town Sunday on business. The kids and I set off to see "Space Chimps" at the theater...that was pretty funny! Today the kids had their physicals and met their new doctor.

In the meantime they've spent time in the pool...

I also started on weeding and trimming the shrubs. There are more than I thought in this yard of ours. I can't finish it in a day or even two. It gets so hot I can only work for a few hours then back inside or take a dip in the pool to cool down.
I found many many many lizards in the bushes. The ladybugs seem to love the hibiscus. The tree frogs like them also and we've found them in the palm trees too. Tree frogs are so cute and in many colors!!! I was unable to get pictures of the frogs this time, but hope to later.

This lizard below was the largest one I've seen in our yard so far. He was shedding his skin...TOO COOL!

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