Sunday, July 13, 2008


We had some visitors this weekend...Scott's cousin Sheri, Jerret and son Evan came to stay the night with us on Saturday (from St. Simon's Island, GA). Evan is learning how to swim and showing off his 'fish~like' skills!

Scott and Isaac had to show them how they do it 'Florida Style'...

Is anyone getting sick of looking at my pool pictures? If so I'm sorry...these won't be the last!

We found this cute little toad hanging out in the child safety netting. Scott picked the netting up to put in the garage since we don't use it and this little guy was there!

After a cookout for dinner, a fun swim and bath it was time for the kids to get some rest...we have an exciting plan on Sunday! Meanwhile we grown-up's sat around and visited. Sheri and Scott talked about old times in North Carolina and family vacations. We had a great chat! Thanks for staying with us.

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