Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 3 On The Road to our new home....

We woke up in Daytona ready to enjoy a few hours in the sun. It started with granola bars in our bellies and ready for the pool. Isaac was happy to jump in first and give us a report on the temperature of the water..
"The waters AWESOME!"

It was pretty quite for a while with only one other person at the pool swimming laps then once it got crowded we headed to the beach.

We collected mini oysters or just mini shells...we watched them dig back into the sand when the waves came up. It's easy to entertain us sometimes!

After our fun adventure was over in Daytona we headed to Orlando area. We went to Scott's co-workers house to drop off our U-haul then to go to the walk thru. This was the first time the kids got to see the house and they couldn't wait to come back to get in the pool! We stayed the night with Scott's co-worker (they moved up from Maryland a couple weeks ago). Thank you Smith Family!!!

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