Sunday, June 29, 2008

Day 2 On The Road

Here is Scott getting the U-haul ready to roll into Florida. Georgia seemed nice, but we were ready for Florida.

Chloe was a bit tired and maybe needed a little more rest. Isaac was very excited!

Passing Daddy in the U-haul...

We padded our trip with an extra day in case of an emergency so our extra day was spent at The Plaza in Daytona Beach. We had never been to Daytona Beach so we were very excited to enjoy some beach, sun and fun!

Some pictures from the hotel room
Nice view and Chloe on the phone with Granny

First time to see a flock of Pelican's heading towards us. We were on the 11th floor so we had a great view of everything! The pelicans were a lot of fun to watch...very cool birds!

What can you say about the pool...AWESOME!

The beach was warmer than in Virgina that's for sure! Scott even managed to grab the camera to get a picture of me...thanks!

The kids loved all the waves and so did daddy!

That evening we were very hungry after a long day so we went to Bubba Gump Shrimp to have dinner. We put our name on the list and they said about 10-15 minutes. We were sitting waiting thinking our name would be called at any minute and the girl called out ' of 90'! Now go back and read that of 90! We sat there and watched the never ending line of people pass us to get to their table.
I said we need to decide what we want on that menu so when we do get to a table we can order before 90 other orders get in there!

I can say that pound of shrimp was so yummy!!!

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