Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Woodley Park Zoo in Washington DC

The kids had off of school on Monday so we took advantage of the day off and Lisa's visit to go to the zoo. We really would have loved a sunny day instead we were very cold. I think it was in the 40's and drizzling half the day!
The EMU didn't seem to like the rain. He/She was right next to the fence. Chloe asked if it was real and alive...she started talking to it and it opened it's eye and moved a bit more.

This cool thing didn't care about the rain.

The cheetahs wanted to stay dry. Apparently later in the day after the rain let up they started to mark their territory again...we heard this from the 2nd half of our group.

One of the two Giant Pandas was kind enough to get into view. Actually he was a bit edgy and wouldn't stop walking round and round and round...

This 'panda' stood still to get some pictures!

We were planning on meeting Granny, Grampy, their guests from Michigan and Uncle Ryan at the zoo. I forgot my cell phone in another coat so we didn't catch up with them right away. The zoo is a big place, but we crossed paths and decided to meet up later since they had seen what we had not and vice versa!

The bird house is being worked on among other exhibits, but the birds were very cool. I wish I took more pictures of the birds, but my battery was running low and I wanted to save some battery for the tigers...glad I did!

These tigers were very hungry and could hear the zookeepers inside the door ready to feed them.

This tiger looks like it had just had it's lunch and was ready to play.

These two cracked us up... They were growling at each other and one put on the chase. The raced all over and the one fell into the water. As cold as it was outside we thought he'd jump right out of the water, but no. Once he did get out of the water the chase was back on!

Lisa Chloe and Isaac enjoying the entertainment!

This lion had some sort of bag. Maybe it was full of 'Cat Nip'! He was tossing it around and having fun with himself.

Isaac mimicking the lion...

Also he's not shy....

Isaac and Chloe named this frog Frankie.

Even though were got wet and were a bit numb from the cold we had a fun day at the zoo!

That zoo looks so much better than the Hogle Zoo her in SLC!! I am jealous!! But thank goodness for vacations right!!
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