Friday, April 04, 2008

Painting Project

Some of you know I've been painting our master bedroom and bathroom. I've been asked how it's going and if we like it. We do love it! We got new furniture as well which we've never had before.

The brown color is called 'sauteed mushrooms' and the cream color is called 'heavy cream'.
I painted the tray ceiling two colors as it!
The shades are new as well...the one on this photo is green color (sage) matches the sun room.

The sun room color green is 'crocodile tears'. This is the same color used in our main level sun room (pictures from that are in March 2007 blog area if your interested in looking back at those.
The shades in here are new and are a cream color.

The wall that has the new dresser/mirror is also green. The dresser fits perfectly on that wall!!!

Sun room picture again with shades up...looks more like fall outside than spring!

I took this photo to see the tray ceiling into the sun room, but the color in the sun room is off b/c of the flash...

Here's the new furniture!

It's not easy getting pictures of the bathroom, but I managed to get some. The paint in here is the same colors with a glossy version.
The walls are brown in the larger part of the bathroom. The tray strip is green. The toilet room is green and all the trim and doors are cream.

Toilet room..not easy to get a picture in there, but wanted to show you the cute curtain in there. It's green. The curtains in the main part of the bathroom are strips with creams, greens, and browns.

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