Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ice Skating

We had a great time ice skating this weekend. I went along to take pictures then decided I'd go out and help the kids. Not sure what I was thinking! I wasn't much help since I haven't been ice skating in years and never was good at it! On that note I only fell one time...I now can't put any weight on my left hip, but I'll survive! It was funny and happened in slow motion...thanks for the laugh Jen! I must also say that I was trying to help Isaac up...he got up then the Ice Patrol helped me! Go ahead and giggle...

Our friends joined us...they didn't fall.
Jamie Jen & Landon

Isaac's not ready for the NHL, but he had a great time. Scott gave the kids a few pointers and we both thought they'd be on the wall the entire time. Natural skaters! They did great and are ready to go back out and have fun...even if that means falling a lot!

Daddy showing how it's done...

Chloe and Mommy trying to stay on our feet!

Not quite ready for the NHL big guy!

I think the last time I went ice skating, I was with you. Miss you!
Looks fun! And thanks for the Chirstmas card and pics!
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