Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day

Part 1

Christmas morning before 7am...
Kids running towards the stockings to see what was in them...

Not really noticing that Santa did eat the cookies and hot chocolate...Daddy had to point it out.

Chloe pretty geeked about her new bike...almost running over Daddy with the video camera and me with my camera.

Part 2
Great Grandma Gallant's house

Over the river and through the woods to Grandmothers house we go!
Chloe napped on the ride over. Isaac told us Chloe came into his room at 5:02am to get him up for presents. Isaac being the smart boy that he is told her to let Mom & Dad sleep a little longer. That was good advice maybe Chloe should have done that too!

This year we were amused by a flying monkey and crazy head gear.
Chris brought a caped crusader that would fly through the air and make crazy monkey sounds when it landed. At one point he launched it through the air at Scott making him yell out "I thought that was a flying ferret" was hysterical!

Marilyn and Larry provided some crazy head gear that Chloe had to try for herself.

Chloe got these cute butterfly clips too...

Part 3
Lambs House

Making our last stop for Christmas day. We were happy to celebrate with Mom & Michael (aka Grandma and Granddad), but also with Scott's Grandma and Grandpa Dixon, Tennessee Grandparents Willy and Jack, Uncle John and Stacy..lets not forget Suzette and Dusty the dogs. We had a great time catching up with them, opening gifts, eating too much and then more family came for dessert. We got to see Uncle Ron, Aunt Wilma, Meredith (newly engaged congrats), Kelsea, Ronda, Pete, Nick and his beautiful was a house full indeed.

Uncle Chris with Suzette and Isaac ready to open some presents!

Chloe starting early...

The kids with their new scooters!

Scott sporting his new Washington Capitals jersey...NICE

Part 4
The Day After...

The day after Christmas we usually go back to Mom & Michaels to help out with left overs. Not only that we wanted to visit more with the Lamb Crew.
First we had to try out some of our new toys we got for Christmas...

Chloe & Dusty

Our little Christmas Angel taking a nap...found out today she has a double ear infection...not the happiest of holiday gifts, but she made the most of her Christmas!

Hope you all had a great one too!

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