Monday, November 05, 2007


Scott and I went to Las Vegas for our 10 year wedding anniversary. I had never been to Las Vegas so the whole experience was new for me. Scott had been twice before playing poker. He had not seen all the sights yet so it was a fun experience for both of us.

On our balcony of our room getting ready to go eat at Jasmines and go to the Cirque De Soleil Show "O".


Fountain where we sat for a chat. Scott called Jamie to wish him a Happy Birthday and I took tourist's pictures for them.

This is from 'Old Time' Vegas on Fremont Street. It's got all of the oldest Casinos and hotels. There's a awesome light show and street performers. It was a completely different feel from the main strip of Vegas. A lot of fun!

As much fun as Fremont Street was... I ended up eating TUMS and Saltines for dinner from Walgreens. Scott and I took Rachel Rays advice and tried the 'Best Burgers in Vegas' at The Burger Bar. OK...they were awesome, but the massive onion rings should not be taken lightly. Guess it was a bit too much greece for my tummy!

Not only is the outside of the hotels amazing to look at, but some of the things inside are unbelievable.
This is inside the Bellagio where they change the scenery due to the season. They had a walk way through spaying fountains, some amazing work done with plants and mums. This was my favorite part. This ogre of sorts was huge probably 10 feet high and the pumpkin in front of him was huge too!

Inside the Luxor they have an IMAX theater. Scott and I went to see two shows...the Sea Monsters and Deep Sea Creatures. There were a few jumps and screams...
The most amazing thing is how they fit all this into one hotel. Not to mention all the shops, huge casino, hotel rooms, conference rooms etc etc...

Scott and I took a gondola ride inside the Venetian. It has an indoor and an outdoor ride. I think anyone that works there must have an amazing voice...she was outstanding! Scott and I agreed this was our favorite hotel. It had some great shops, sites and fun casino.

We discovered this in "Old Town" Vegas (Golden Nugget). The kids we know would love these water slides and pool. This aquarium was right in the middle of the pool and water slide went through it.

This White Tiger we saw inside the Caesar's Hotel. He was showing off a bit for all the cameras.

These Tigers we saw at the MGM. They are brought in everyday for a full days work (if you call this work). A man and woman a few miles from Vegas own a dozen Tigers and each day two or three tigers are brought in by truck for the people to see. As you can see they are quite nice...ha! The guys inside their habitat play with them, feed them and pull on their tales. Not sure I'd want to do that.

There is a tunnel you can walk under and sometimes they lay up there...

Sponge Bob and ME!

Liz, you look wonderful! You guys are so in love and it shows in your photos together.
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