Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Gramps Table

Clark's grandpa Robert E. Rolf ...this would be Isaac and Chloe's Great Great Grandpa was such a fun guy. Chloe never got a chance to meet him, but Isaac did. Gramps just loved kids. He had a great time with Isaac when we went up for a visit to Michigan one year. He was always full of interesting stories and could make you laugh till you cried.

Gramps made a coffee table many many moons ago. (I think before Clark was born) Well my mom and Clark have used this table and decided to give it a new look. They had a great idea which we believe Gramps would have LOVED!

They each got a side of the table to paint what they thought would look nice. Isaac made a lovely rainbow, flower and sun.
The sun rays shined in the morning light the next day gave Granny the willies!
Chloe made two girls one was herself and the other was her friend Amy. She also added a butterfly, lady bug and flower. The small flowers at the bottom were made with Isaac and Chloe's thumb prints and then they also added their hand prints and autographs.

The finished product except for the removal of the blue tape on the edge...

LOVE the table!
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